About Festival

April 7 - 12, 2019, the Festival Young Theatre Days is returning to Klaipėda, inviting professional theatre creators to try themselves in an unusually fast and dynamic creative process. Gathered actors, directors, stage designers, playwrights and critics will, study the themes prepared by the organizers and work together for two days, creating and presenting the performance for the audience.

The festival will be complemented by the cinema workshops. Selected theatre actors will have a chance to work together with cinema directors and prepare short films, which will be presented on the final day of the festival.

The 7th Festival Young Theatre Days will take place at the Cultural Factory and in open pavilions near it. The main focus of the festival will be learning to listen and hear, share ideas, search for dialogs among different creative areas, creation and communication with each other and with audience.

The terms of selecting the participants:

• Professional actors of all ages who have completed acting studies can participate in the workshops;

• The workshops and the presentations of the created pieces will take place on 7-12th April 2019. In the selecting process the priority shall be given to those participants who will be able to participate in the programme for all 4 days;

• The organizers will cover travel, and provide free accommodation and catering. In addition, access to all events within the festival days will be given;

• Registration of the participants will take place till 31st January 2019. In the application they will be requested to briefly describe their professional activity, motivation to participate in the projects, and to indicate on which days they can participate in the events of the festival;

• More information about the process of selecting the participants and the programme of the festival will soon be available on the website of “Young Theatre Day” and Facebook account www.facebook.com/JTDienos

The format of the workshop:

• The selected group of 36 actors will be divided into 6 teams, each of tem will work separately during the workshops;
• The group of actors will be led by the directors who, will host the workshops;
• During the workshops the group leaders will alternate twice by rotation;
• Professional theatre critics and stage designers will join the teams of the participants and directors. They will not only watch and analyse the creative process but will take part in it themselves;
• The stage designers and costume designers will join the groups. They will be responsible for the aesthetics of the spaces;
• The groups will work with the pieces of Lithuanian authors selected especially for the festival “Young Theatre Days” 2019. They will analyze them and will use them as inspiration for their short plays. The workshops will be held on two stages: on 8-9th April they will work on one theme, in the evening of 9th April the performance will be delivered. On the 10-11th April they will work on the second theme and in the evening of the 11th April the performance will be delivered;
• The workshops and open previews of short plays will take place in the spaces near The Culture Factory;
• Every day the meetings with the viewers, the analyses of works and discussions will be held.